Quote Explanations

Harrison Bergerbuns by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. discusses how even though everyone has reached the 'equal' state, oppression has become an extremely big problem. "And George, while his intelligence was way above normal, had a little mental handicap rad scary view into what the total equality that many fight for could truly bring, thus asking the question: is total equality really the greatest idea for our world?

Antonio: In Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. my favorite quote shows how the equal minded people of this society have lost the ability to sustain there thoughts for long periods of time. "I forget' she said 'Something real sad on television" (Vonnegut 5). I like this quote because it shows that the government has destroyed what was truly great about individual people, their ability to think on their own and have individual feelings and thoughts. This quote shows how when everyone is the same level that their is no individuality and that they can not even remember something that happened a few minutes beforehand. My favorite part about this quote however is that it shows that a mother has lost the ability to remember her son even when she had just seen him on television. This quote evoked emotion in me while I was reading and helped me to understand the impacy that the total equality of the people in the story impacted society.

Conner: My favorite quote in Harrison Bergeron is "everybodshitl." (Vonnegut 1). This quote was important to me because is explained the importance of individuality. Everyone in this world is different. We all have our own finger print, and we all come from different backgrounds. Yet in this story there is no difference between anyone on earth. In the year 2081 people are exactly the same, and with that the disabilities of others and certain weaknesses are looked upon as "dangerous. According to Vonnegut there is a point in time were the human race practically lost it and decided that there is no need for looks, religion, and believes because with these others are looked on as better than others. The fact that Vonnegut was willing to write a story about how everyone is equal is important because in 1961 this topic had never been brought up on that broad of a scale. With this also came the realization of how important being your own person is in life. There is nobody on earth who is exactly the same as someone else, but to Vonnegut in his fantasy world there was that possibility.

Kris: My favorite quote from Harrison Bergeron is, "Harrison's scrap-iron handicaps crashed to the floor" (Vonnegut 5). I like this quote because it showed me that no matter how hard somebody wants to control people, people can still be themselves even though the consequences might be death. Being individuals through hard times and even if the consequences are death really demonstrated that nobody can stop you from what you want to be, you have to do you no matter can happen to you. A person can be an unstoppable force if they have the right mind set to go through with what they want. This story also put the strength of the human mind in perspective because Harrison and his empress were willing to die to be their own person because they wanted it bad enough. Lastly, the way Vonnegut depicts equality as an extreme made it even more important for Harrison Bergeron to revolt against the government and be an individual because he was tired of everyone being the exact same, mental, physical, emotionally,etc., and just wanted their to be a difference in the world he lived in and his empress was feeling the same as him.